Indigo Sea Jasmine Tea


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Your purchase of Great Lakes Tea & Spice’s new Indigo Sea Jasmine Tea will contribute 50% of the product sale directly to Coral Restoration Foundation™ in an effort to fund restoration of Florida’s reefs and reefs throughout the World!

The jasmine flavor provides a delicate floral note and butterfly blue pea flowers create an indigo cup that reminds you of our Planet’s purest blue waters.   1.9 ounces per container


Ingredients:  Premium organically grown green tea, jasmine and butterfly blue pea flowers



We are, no doubt, grateful for our Petoskey Stones up here on the third coast of North America! Lake Michigan is, in our opinion, the greatest of the five Great Lakes.

Think back 50 million years or so ago, before there were Great Lakes and nothing but a massive saltwater sea! Petoskey Stones were corals that thrived right here in what is now Northern Lake Michigan.

The real reason we love coral reefs, though, isn’t just because they will provide cool looking fossils in the very distant future, but because they provide jobs, tourism and fisheries throughout our Planet’s tropical and sub-tropical regions. Most estimates say that coral reefs support/provide a home to 25% of all marine life. They protect coastlines and they provide food directly for close to a billion people in equatorial and subequatorial regions!

Most of all, they are absolutely stunning gardens of the World’s oceans and we need to protect them so they are here for our children’s children!

Therefore, Great Lakes Tea & Spice is now a proud sponsor of Coral Restoration Foundation™, CRF, an organization based out of the Florida Keys that is going to GREAT LENGTHS to restore our Planet’s coral reefs through research and action to re-plant corals everywhere. We need YOUR HELP to fund their amazing work!!!

Here is a link to CRF’s website:

One of the things that they are doing best is teaching and helping others best practices for how and where to plant the right coral stocks.

Please help us to support this very worthy cause! With your support we can help CRF to make a significant impact on coral reef restoration!