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A fine jasmine infused tea and tea infuser gift set.  Freshwater Pearls are an exquisite gift!


This box boasts the finest Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Freshwater Pearls Green Tea) coupled with our finest cup/pot sized tea infuser by Finum.

Sweet & Fragrant: These hand-rolled green tea leaves are naturally infused multiple times with fresh jasmine blossoms. Enjoy the smooth and elegant flavor anytime of day, and delight in watching the pearls unfurl when steeped.

Ingredients: Premium green tea with jasmine flowers

Preparation: Use 8 to 10 pearls per 8 ounce cup. Heat freshwater until steaming (not boiling) and steep for 2 minutes. Good for multiple infusions.

Two tender silver tea leaves and a bud are expertly harvested, rolled by hand, one-by-one, into these exquisite Jasmine Dragon Pearls.